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The First 50/50 Slow/Fast Protein Blend.

Hydra 6 has been formulated with the ultimate form of whey protein – Whey Protein Isolate – and the ultimate form of casein – Ultrafiltered Micellar Casein – in the perfect “50/50″ ratio, which research suggests to be superior to taking either whey protein or casein on their own. Hydra 6 offers the versatility and convenience of not having to buy two separate proteins for different times of the day and is designed to feed your muscles with the highest quality protein available.

When it comes to whey protein, its simple, science tells us very clearly that the higher the peak in our blood essential amino acid levels, the greater the signal to the muscles to start the process of protein synthesis (muscle building) . And no protein can crank up essential ammo acid levels to a higher peak than whey protein isolate . But whey protein may not be enough on its own. Several studies suggest that whey stops delivering amino acids after about 3 1/2 hours, whereas the other major milk protein, casein, not only delivers its amino acids for longer but has been suggested to be superior for support

Other studies also suggest that combination proteins which included whey and casein have a more potent muscle-building effect in the four hours after a weight-training session as compared to whey protein alone  . Convinced that a perfect 50 /50 combination of whey protein and casein is ideal for muscle growth, the Grenade11 research team had one more major goal – combine the ultimate source of whey protein with the ultimate source of casein the result is Hydra 6 J, one of the highest-quality protein combinations ever seen in the world of sports supplementation.ing muscle growth and reducing muscular breakdown . So caseins ability to act like a “drip-feed” and constantly deliver amino acids to the blood over at least seven hours has been suggested over and over again to be anti-catabolic (so it prevents muscle breakdown in addition to supporting growth) Clearly, casein has advantages that whey protein alone cannot match.

Each serving of Hydra 6″ contains 12grams of protein from premium whey protein isolate (with no inferior concentrates) and 12grams of protein from low-heat ultrafiltered, native micellar casein (no inferior caseinates) for a total of 24grams of protein per serving AND you can take it before training, after training, before bed or ANY other time you want quality protein – no more messing around having to buy two separate proteins, which are of inferior quality and actually need to be mixed to realize their full potential anyhow!

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