Privacy Policy

1. Data Protection

Protecting your privacy and security is our main focus when processing your order. We adhere to guidelines set out by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

2. Our Data Protection Policy

Privacy is something that we always respect.

We will only use or hold your personal information if you have given us permission, if you do place an order with us, this is verification of you doing so.

The personal information that you do agree to us holding will be continually updated and will be destroyed when the reason for its collection in the first place has ceased to exist. The personal data that you have provided will only be passed to third parties that contribute to delivering the service you have committed to. One example being courier services.

3. What information is collected about you and how is it used

All of the information we collect by you is obtained when you:

  • Communicate with us for example using the phone or sending an email
  • Enter the website, or click on links to any external websites through our website
  • Enter competitions, promotional offers or customer surveys
  • Register on our website in order to buy products

The information we gather from you is mainly used to:

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of our website for you
  • Make our services feel exclusive and tailored to your individual needs
  • Improve the allocation services such as adding points to your loyalty scheme

4. Third Parties

We will never sell or rent your personal information to any third party agencies without your permission. We may however use your information when working with affiliates who help with aspects of improving your experience such as public relation agencies.

5. Consent

Your consent is given when you access our website, if you do however wish to opt out of consenting to our website then you can do one of two things, contact us in writing or log into your Account and change the communication settings.

6. Security

We will always make sure that we keep your information secure especially when it comes to your card details and personal information. We promise to never release any of your details to third parties for marketing purposes other than our own.

We comply fully with the data protection and consumer legislation codes of conduct, we will always treat your information as fully confidential. All of the information that is provided to us by you is held in our secure servers.

7. Phishing

Phishing is the attempt of somebody tricking you into giving away personal details which will be used for fraudulent and improper use. We will never ask you for your personal details via e-mail. If this happens then please contact us.

8. Subject access request

If you wish to access the information we hold about you then please write to us. We will gladly disclose the information we hold about you. Any information that can help us collect all of the details we have stored on you will be greatly appreciated. These can be things such as loyalty scheme number.

9. Changes to our policy

This is the first creation of this policy dated November 2016. We hold the rights to change the policy at any time without any notice given.

10. Queries

If you have any queries then we welcome you to contact us.

Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

The dominate nutrition  website is operated by Dominate Fitness Ltd . This policy along with our Terms and Conditions explain how the website will use the information that gets saved on to our database and what the cookies do that are left on your device. This policy will also explain your rights with regard to the information that we hold about you. By using this website you agree to this policy and our Terms and Conditions.

2. How we use cookies

Like most websites this site uses cookies. These are tiny text files that are stored within your web browser and are used to store information, such as the products in your basket, as you move around the site.

Most of the cookies we use are essential to the correct functionality of the site. You may disable them if you wish to do so using the settings in your browser, however, the site may no longer function correctly.

We also use cookies for other reasons, as explained below.

3. Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies enable you to easily navigate your way around our website and help to make the site safe for you. Without these cookies the site will not function correctly – you will not be able to add items to your basket, login, register or make a purchase.

4. Performance Cookies

These cookies do not store any information about the user and are kept completely anonymous; they are simply present to collect data on which web pages are visited and how the website runs on various pages. These cookies improve the future use of the website purely for your benefit. By using the website, you agree that these cookies can perform whilst you are using the website.

5. Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies allow us to remember things about you that we feel will enhance your experience when using the website. By using our website you agree that we can use cookies to enhance your experience. These cookies do not contain personally identifiable information and do not track your history on any other sites.

6. Advertising and targeting cookies

We use advertising cookies to allow us to determine whether our off-site advertising has resulted in sales. We also use cookies to help us deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you and reduce the number of adverts you see repeatedly. These cookies don’t analyse or save personal data here or elsewhere.

7. Managing Cookies

You can manage cookies through your internet browser settings, or turn them off altogether. You can also make websites ask for your permission when trying to store cookies on your device, meaning you can always keep on top of what cookies are stored on your device. If using a shared computer, for example a library or work computer, then it is advised that you make sure you log out before leaving the computer. If you disable cookies then it is highly likely that the site will no longer function correctly.